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Want to have some fun with your photo?

  •       We can turn a perfectly normal shot of your buddy or a member of the family
          into a caricature that will be laughed at and treasured for years to come!
          Makes a great gift, too.
  •       Look striking for the office calendar image.
          We can also help with that next Christmas photo you want to send out to everyone
          in your address book.
  •       Consider joining a dating website? Or just posting photography on Picasa or Facebook?
          Even your best photos can use a bit of enhancement.
  •       Have great photographs of yourself from a relationship that didn't work?
          Don’t trash these photos just yet.
  •       Want to remove that engagement ring off your finger?
          Hold onto to the good times without the guilt.
  •       People (and objects) no longer desired in the images will artfully disappear out of the shot.
          We can ‘surgically’ take out your last ‘beau’, leaving only you in the picture.
  •       So give us a chance to do our magic before you post them online.
          We’re certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


Examples of the type of work we do can be found in our Galleries section.