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We are proud to offer SLIDESHOW services with a professional, yet personal touch.

We offer our services to business owners or operators, wanting to expand their business’ web or a physical store visibility; to promote their services in a very captivating manner.

Think of these slideshows as your very own commercials, at a fraction of the cost.

For private individuals who want to put together a slideshow for that special occasion - birthday, anniversary, graduation or just any special event - we can create vivid, unforgettable and breathing-with-life presentation from the images you supply.

These aren’t your average static, boring, PowerPoint® style presentations. Instead, we create highly personalized, individually tailored, vivid, breathing, articulate and dynamic slideshows.

We can really accentuate physical features or objects in the show (your preference - or at our discretion) to direct your viewers’ attention.

Professionally made from the images you already own and set to music, you can select from over 40 available output formats for your finished show, including Blue-ray, HD video, DVD, iPod, iPhone, Android, Flash, etc..

Also, correctly selected music for your slideshow is of utmost importance. It would be the MAJOR contributing factor to the show’s emotional impact on the viewer.

Viewers would have an instant emotional connection to the images on the screen.

Let us know If you have a preference for a particular song or a music score. If necessary, we can arrange for the music licensing to the show.

We can also make this choice for you. The score we propose would work best with your images’ sequence.

Examples of the type of work we do can be found in our Galleries section.