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          And these are just some of the comments we've received from our clients:

  • I adore you!!! You guys are magicians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s insanely beautiful!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!
  • Didn’t know I could ever look THIS good! Even my daughter couldn’t believe just how stunning and young-looking I came out on that portrait you’ve made from a photo she took with her dinky little cell-phone camera. You took years off my appearance. You’re just too much.. ;-)
  • You are geniuses! Great job! Love it! Whomever did this stuff I just can’t thank you enough for what you did with it. It’s plain awesome!! I’m beyond myself! Keep up a good work, guys!
  • I wasn’t sure what I needed for the show. However, before the work began and when you offered completely free of charge to retouch one of my favorite shots of my granddaughter, I instantly knew I wanted to have the same treatment performed on the rest of them…
  • Each time we watch your slide show, my husband and I get teary-eyed. Emotions simply overwhelm us. In some inexplicable way, you make us feel as if our granddaughter’s father is still alive. Thank you for letting us re-live all those precious moments of us all being together and making them so vivid.. Many blessings!
  • I still can’t believe just how wonderful the slideshow turned out! I would have never thought in a million years how much it's possible to manipulate the images to look this good in a slideshow.
    Whoever did their little magic on my show deserves my highest praises!!
  • Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Huh, you even 'fixed' my broken TOOTH!!
  • We are all amazed at what you’ve done! We just got back from vacation and opened your envelope with a finished DVD. It's plain stunning. You’re wizards!
    I’m gonna show it to everybody at work and tell all my friends about you!
    You turned my plain photos into some amazing work of art worth framing…:))))
  • I can just say one thing: I wish I could look this good in real life.
  • We needed for our theater production company some really old-looking  family photos of our actors to look like their own grandparents. You did an absolutely stellar job. We'll be definitely using your services in the future again and again.