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For your convenience, we offer 3 plans:    Basic, Standard & Premium.

Basic plan is for slideshows with up to         35 digital images.
Standard plan is for slideshows with up to   55 digital images.
Premium plan is for slideshows with up to   75 digital images.

The images you supply will be used ‘as-is’. Of course, more images can be added to any plan.
(If you require additional image editing work, see our **Optional Services)
To prepare your images for a slideshow, we include these extras, at no additional cost:

  • Creating opening/closing titles for your show
  • Resizing photos
  • Adjusting brightness/darkness
  • Removing dust/scratches as applicable
  • Putting images in the client-specified order, etc.
  • Add your favorite tune to the slideshow. Or have us provide one for you.

Images will be artfully organized into complete slide show presentations.

Be assured that each show’s theme will be special and unique: child’s birthday, wedding, business presentation, real estate listings, bridal shower, vacation or even celebrating one’s life. We always adapt and cater the show’s overall feel to your individual event, custom-tailoring the message it conveys to your target audience.

We will communicate with you in writing throughout the process, via email.
You will receive a finished show for pre-approval.

We can retouch one digital image of our choosing COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE - to show how your images could benefit from the similar treatment. Just ask for it.

** Optional Services. To learn more about what we offer, please click here